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Social media services start with but not limited to the following

Overall Social Media Marketing Strategy - C180 Agency

There are different types of
social media

Social networking sites

Businesses and marketers looking to venture into digital marketing should start with joining one of the many social networking sites (SNS). We help you leverage social media to grow your business. Our social media strategy will get you out there, build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty among the right audience.

Social review sites

Online reviews and ratings do influence consumer's purchase decisions hugely. We can help you get more positive reviews and ratings on social review sites. We are dedicated to having you listed on review websites so that your customers can find you. We believe this is an effective way to boost your performance on Local SEO. With our knowledge of social review sites, we believe we can help you get closer to your target audience.

Image sharing sites

Whether you are uploading your photos or searching for one online, all you need is a secure, reliable, and fast image hosting website. We believe that information should be kept safe and should also be easy to access. We can direct you the right way for your image sharing and hosting services. Also, our Dashboard180 keeps all your social media posts in a secure, reliable, and fast vault.

Video hosting sites

Videos can take up lots of space on either home device. That's why we have video hosting sites to allow you to upload, share, and live stream videos. We are ready to help you keep your videos in a safe and easy to access the site. We also ensure that our clients' video content shared on social media is kept secure always in our Dashboard180 vault.

Community blogs

There's no better way to promote your website than through social media platforms. Blogging communities are a powerful tool to help reach out to the millions of target audience who love reading blogs. We can help you promote your business without effort using the blogging communities. We also will help you grow traffic to your website through blogs. There can be many community blogs, but we know and work only with the best.

Discussion sites

Discussion sites are an easy way for you to attract the right traffic to your website. With our knowledge of marketing and usage of discussion forums, we believe we can help you attract more visitors to your website or business using these forums. We will get you to the right platform, category, and subcategory to ensure you meet your audience.

Sharing economy networks

Are you looking for someone to help you reach out to service providers to lend you items or services you might need to use for a short period of time? Do you have an item you don’t always use and would like to benefit from it? Is it a car you want to use for business when not at work, or is it one of your homes you want to rent out when not using it? You can get all these by joining sharing economies. C180 understands these platforms and can help you make better choices.

C180 framework for providing services is based on proven scientific methods:















C180 Identifies your social media goals, don't worry you can choose more than one

Increase brand awareness

Drive traffic to your website

Generate new leads

Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)

Boost brand engagement

Build a community around your business

Provide social customer service

Increase mentions in the press

Listen to conversations about your brand

Social media Services start with but not limited to the following

Check your social media stats in a daily, weekly, or monthly report

Scheduling your social media with a planned post, future post, or just organizing

Checking your social inbox or replying to comments by having a plan of attack

Monitoring your mentions of the brand, competitors, or advertising campaigns

Watch your competitors, real-time notifications on post

Find industry keywords and track the social media performance of your campaigns

Hashtag trends, seasonal, location, or branded hashtags research no problem

Promote employee advocacy, engaging with influencers, or running a campaign

Plan monthly themes and brainstorm with team members on social media post

Conduct a social media audit updates, followers, referral traffic, average clicks, etc

What we do for your company

Social media services include graphic design, brand books, website maintenance, email campaigns, and community management of your social media accounts.

What does that mean?

This means that we will create, design, content, and make the logic. We call this the CDCL. Our small but powerful formula.

It all starts with a simple call, chat, or campaign form.

C180 has monthly pricing plans or request a custom quote for any size campaign.

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